In my view, this book is the PPC bible. Stunningly up to date, the authors seem intent on keeping it that way. Tracking, click fraud, branding, local advertising are all covered, plus plenty of background and tips from pros. Among much other material, the book identifies a top-ten PPC providers (Google, Yahoo!, FindWhat, Kanoodle, etc.), then lists 12 more second-tier providers (BrainFox, Findology, GoClick, etc.), then presents a table with 30 more PPC engines that offer pre-funded accounts.
  Brad Hill

Search Marketing Standard
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Want to get an idea of how incredibly thorough and detailed each chapter of this book is? Check out a chapter on us!

Download the complete Chapter 6, “Click Fraud in PPC Ads And How To Counteract It” and learn how you can protect yourself and safeguard your online campaigns from this growing threat. You will learn how Click Fraud began and where it originates. You will see what steps search engines have taken (remember, it’s in their interest to have more clickthrus, not fewer!) and the steps YOU should take if you suspect fraud is occurring. Finally, you will be given Tools, Methods And Techniques you can use to fight Click Fraud successfully.

By simply applying the strategies given in this one chapter, you can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars each month in bogus clickthru charges. Just think how much more money you can save, and MAKE, with the dozens of other strategies in the rest of this 14-chapter, 200+ page landmark handbook!



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