In my view, this book is the PPC bible. Stunningly up to date, the authors seem intent on keeping it that way. Tracking, click fraud, branding, local advertising are all covered, plus plenty of background and tips from pros. Among much other material, the book identifies a top-ten PPC providers (Google, Yahoo!, FindWhat, Kanoodle, etc.), then lists 12 more second-tier providers (BrainFox, Findology, GoClick, etc.), then presents a table with 30 more PPC engines that offer pre-funded accounts.
  Brad Hill

Pay-Per-Click Handbook has a tremendous amount of advice, strategies, and information on search engine advertising. As you read through the book, you learn a great deal about the pros and cons of each PPC search engine. They provide detailed reviews of pay per click tools, management tools, tracking tools, and research tools. The book also delves deep into Google AdWords and Yahoo!'s Search Marketing (Overture), but it also goes into the 2nd and 3rd tier PPC engines and contextual components of PPC. This book is a no-brainer for anyone seriously using the PPC engines. For under $50, the coupons you get alone make it worthwhile.
 Barry Schwartz

Great book!  I received my copy earlier this week and was really impressed by its high quality and comprehensive insight!  I have to admit - this may be the most thorough compilation of paid search strategies, tips and overall industry knowledge that I have ever seen!  You did a wonderful job researching the topic and putting it together in a very professional manner.
 Kevin Gold

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate receiving the new Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook very much and think you did an excellent job. It motivated me to get more involved with Yahoo's Local Match!
 Nancy Houtz

Though search engines have been around for a while, we are just starting to realize the power they offer. This book teaches you how to profit using the latest methods. It shows how to beat large corporations at their own game by taking your time and paying personal attention to ones ad campaigns. What else can I say?
  Andrey Milyan

Search Marketing Standard
First & Only Print Magazine Covering Search Marketing


The Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook by Boris and Eugene Mordkovich is loaded with 14 chapters, 83 sections and over 200 pages of solid, straightforward information you can use right away in your online business. 17 recognized experts in Internet marketing contributed to a special section, detailing the most important things to do, and to avoid, to build a successful online business. Three appendices including an extensive Pay Per Click Glossary and Recommended Resources to help you grow your business.

We encourage you to read over the extensive Table of Contents below and then download a Sample Chapter. We believe you will quickly see that the Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook is the most detailed, comprehensive guide ever written for all types of online advertising, as well as more traditional advertising channels.


The price of the Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook is only $20.75, and is covered by our Unconditional 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Download A Sample Chapter or Order Your Copy Today!

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

       Advantages of Reading the “Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook”

Chapter 2 – What is Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising?

       How Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising Works
       Is a Pay-Per-Click Campaign the Right Investment for My Business?
       Pay Per Click Versus Search Engine Optimization
       The Popularity of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Chapter 3 – Why Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

       Combining Pay Per Click With Search Engine Optimization
       The Effect of Ad Location on Reader Response
       The Advantages of Combining Pay Per Click With SEO
       Why Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising So Effective?
       Do Different Businesses Benefit From Different Aspects of PPC?
       Research Results Showing the Growing Importance of Pay Per Click
       Is Pay Per Click Replacing Other Methods of Online Advertising?

Chapter 4 – Developing a Successful Ad Campaign

       Opening an Advertiser Account on a PPC Search Engine
       Writing a PPC Ad That Generates Results
       Choosing Keywords That Work Best for Your Business
            Keyword Selection Tools
       Keyword Matching Options
       Controlling Your Costs
       Bidding For Keywords
            Manual Bidding Versus Auto-Bidding
            Ad Positioning
            Bid Gaps
       Landing Pages
       Budgeting for Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns

Chapter 5 – Tracking Ad Campaigns

       Third-Party Tracking Tools
       How Ad Trackers Work
       What You Should Be Tracking
            Tracking ROI
       Search Engine Tools and Third-Party Software
       The Importance of Tracking
       Click Fraud

Chapter 6 – Click Fraud and How to Counteract It in Ad Campaigns

       The Growth of Click Fraud
       How Click Fraud Affects Advertisers
       What About That Infamous “Invalid Click”? How Is It Defined?
       The Sources of Click Fraud
       Detecting Click Fraud
       The Response of Search Engines to Click Fraud How Advertisers Can Combat Fraud

Chapter 7 – The Role of Relevance: PPC Contextual and  Search Advertising

       Quality Score – Google Changes Tactics
       Choosing Between Search Results and Content Network Placement
       Further Developments Enhancing the Appeal of “Content Network”
       When Contextual Pay-Per-Click Advertising Is a Good Choice
       Tips and Techniques for Contextual Ads

Chapter 8 – Branding and Behavioral Targeting in Pay-Per-Click    Advertising

       Methods PPC Advertisers Can Use to Brand Products
       Experimenting With Branding Online
       Additional Tips on Branding Online
       Behavioral Targeting

Chapter 9 – Local Pay-Per-Click Advertising

       What Is Local PPC Advertising and Why Should You Consider It?
       The History of Local Search on the Internet
       Local PPC Search Engines
       Internet Yellow Pages, City Guides, and Comparison
       Shopping Search Engines

Chapter 10 – Types of Pay-Per-Click Search Engines  and Reviews

       The Top Ten Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
       Second-Tier Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
       Pay-Per-Inclusion Search Engines
       International PPC Search Engines
       Niche Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
       Comparison Shopping PPC Search Engines
       Pay-Per-Call Online Advertising

Chapter 11 – Pay-Per-Click Tools

       How PPC Tools Can Make Managing an Ad Campaign Easier
       The Types of Pay-Per-Click Tools Available
            Pay-Per-Click Management Tools
            Pay-Per-Click Tracking Tools
            Click Fraud Monitoring
            Keyword Research Tools

Chapter 12 – Tips From the Experts

Chapter 13 – The Future of Pay Per Click; Insights Into Upcoming Trends

Chapter 14 – Conclusion

       Pay-Per-Click Bonuses

Appendix 1  Glossary
Appendix 2  Recommended Reading
Appendix 3  Recommended Resources
Final Message From the Authors

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